Worcester Community Housing Resources



WCHR Lending 1990-2017

Total Number of Loans and Grants: 684
   - Individual: 584
   - Receiverships: 64
Total Amount Disbursed: $17 million
Total Number of beneficiaries: 2891
Total Tenants (since 2008): 798


Lending to Low Income Areas

  • Over the past 25 years, WCHR has concentrated its individual lending to low income areas.

  • Large amounts of WCHR lending went to:

    • Downtown

    • Vernon Hill

    • Elm Park

  • Impact Research:

    • Repairs and upkeep, especially external repairs, help support housing prices. 

    • Lending to low income neighborhoods helps support the community, not just the borrower.

  • Types of assistance:

    • Fix up homes with leaky roofs, broken heating, etc.

    • Down Payment Assistance

    • Foreclosure Prevention

WCHR Distribution Map.png

Share of Lending by Race/Ethnicity and Age


Comparison to an Online Lender

Borrowers may try alternate, such as Lending Club or Prosper in an attempt
to fix their homes.
  - Online Borrowers have higher rates and more fees.
  - When choosing WCHR over a for-profit online lender, a borrower gets:
  - A loan that costs 20% less, or roughly $1,500 Per Person
  - A Lending Officer and a development officer that will ensure the work gets done


Property Management

  - 798 Individual Tenants since 2008
  - 105 Units available as of November, 2017
  - 59 Children are currently housed in our apartment units,
    39 of which are in households requiring subsidized rent
  - 20% previously homeless/in shelter
  - 77% of tenants are on subsidized rents
  - Average rent paid by tenants: $313
  - Median Worcester Rent: $959


Race and Ethnicity of Tenants