Heywood Wakefield Commons

Heywood Wakefield Commons is the only Assisted Living Facility of its kind, providing 100% affordable assisted living for seniors lacking the resources needed in many such communities. 

With a ten year development timeline, the project combined the best features and funding from many resources, including a pilot grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and assistance from the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development.

Located in a beautifully converted former factory building in Gardner, Massachusetts, Heywood Wakefield Commons combines quiet, old fashioned charm with the latest innovations in Assisted Living.

An executive chef and top notch commercial kitchen turn out three meals daily for residents, while a quiet pub provides a place for informal snacks and beverages. Sitting and activity areas throughout the building provide other places for residents to join with each other and with family members. 

Activities are frequent and varied, and with the Heywood Public Library directly across the street, residents attend many other social and senior-oriented events.

HW3 Exterior.JPG