If you are interested in learning more about how your town can work with the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office, WCHR, and private receivers, please contact Andy Howarth at WCHR. You can learn about the tools and options available to your community.

If you are an experienced contractor, developer, or owner of rental properties, you may qualify with the Housing Court system as a property receiver.

Please contact Andy Howarth at (508) 799-0322, Extension 102, for more information.

Like many states, Massachusetts has a strong law allowing courts to put properties or enterprises into receivership to bring them back to standard. WCHR works with municipal officials, the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office, and receivers to provide lending and technical support.

WCHR is one of a few lenders in the region who can make these loans, and has become a leading institution in the use of receivership to combat abandoned and foreclosed properties. 

Receivership programs enable local cities and towns to eliminate blight and threats to public health and safety by rehabilitating properties with multiple code violations, including those that are abandoned and foreclosed. 

WCHR works with private contractors and property owners who are appointed by the court to take over the management and repair of substandard properties, then resell the properties to responsible property managers for their long term sustainability. 

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