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Worcester Community Housing Resources, Inc. NMLS ID: 13635
WCHR is a MassSAVE Lender.

CLF History

  • 95%-100% annual investor renewal 
  • 100% positive return rate on investments since fund inception 
  • Recognized Community Development Financial Institution lending of over $11 million to assist more than 350 families

Investing in Our Community

Lora Baldracchi

Loan Fund Director
508-799-0322 ext. 112

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Who You Will Help

  • Families whose homes have health and safety code violations
  • Single female heads of house-holds who have purchased their first home
  • Individual homeowners not eligible for bank financing for major home repairs
  • Individuals and developers renovating abandoned and foreclosed properties that will be returned to the municipal tax rolls as affordable rental housing

Community Loan Fund

Established in 1993, the Community Loan Fund is a pool of over $5 million in contributions and capital investments that provides low-interest financing to homeowners who need assistance with significant home repairs and to individuals and organizations who develop affordable housing.  Our Lending Department is guided by WCHR's mission, with its focus on the development, preservation and maintenance of affordable housing to help improve the safety, sustainability and quality of life within our communities.  Your investment amount, term of the loan, interest rate, and frequency of interest payments are tailored to the individual or organizational investor within WCHR's prospectus guidelines.

The Community Loan Fund is comprised of over 60 investors that include:


Religious congregations and institutions

Educational institutions

Financial institutions


Family trusts

Government entities   

What you will earn

  • An interest rate competitive with the current market
  • Range of terms from three to five years
  • Confidence in your investment: no investors have lost funds since the inception of the CLF
  • Interest returns on an annual,   bi-annual or quarterly basis
  • Local management of your funds
  • Investment amount minimum of $1000