180 Pilgrim Avenue - WCHR was appointed the Receiver of this single-family home in Worcester's east side and is moving forward with its renovation to mitigate all code and safety violations.  The home has been vacant for a number of years.  It is in significant disrepair and causing difficulties for the surrounding neighbors. Restoration work is currently underway.

6 - 8 King Street : This four-unit property was developed by WCHR in 1994 and sold as a home ownership opportunity to a family that had lived in it until this past year, when the owner's age necessitated a one-story living arrangement.  WCHR worked with state and city departments to acquire the home and secure funding to upgrade both its interior and exterior.  Work is now underway.  The project ensures that this home will remain

well-maintained and affordable for years to come.


799 Main Street - WCHR received an Activation Grant from the Health Foundation of  Central Massachusetts to renovate this storefront, which is one of three that WCHR owns on the corner of Main St. and Oread St.  This commercial space was vacant for several years and required significant repairs and upgrades.  The award enabled the work to be completed, so that the space could be rented to Diocese of Western MA for their urban mission program.  The site is now home to a community center that will offer various types of educational programming and services.  The storefronts attach to a 22-unit rooming house on Oread St.  The additional revenue from the commercial rental will ensure the longevity of this property and bring new services to the residents of the area.  Work is complete and the center is  operational.